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Birthday party?  Hopefully your questions will be answered here.  If not, please text me at 303-456-2473

What’s the party like?

Usually I spend a little time talking about each animal and pointing out interesting facts.  I am a zoologist, so I can make it simple or I can answer most questions from enthusiasts.  I will walk around with each animal so the kids can see them up close and touch them.  At then end of the presentation, I get out the tortoise and talk about him, and then the bunny.  They will walk around for the kids to pet and I can get the other animals back out for more involved play time.  If I bring the tarantula, I show her to the kids in small groups at this time, so they can sit on the floor to hold her.  I will stay until you let me know it’s time to go.  

How many children can attend?

The more children there are, the more support I will need from adults at the party.  The largest birthday party I have done had 60 children, mostly 8 year olds, and that went very well.  I can handle 10-15 by myself.  

What ages?

ANY age!  

Where should we set up?  How much room do we need?

If it is above 60 degrees F, we can have it outside.  If the area isn’t fenced, I will need help keeping the tortoise in the area because he is pretty sure there is a field of dandelions in walking distance.  We can do a backyard or park or any open area but we will need shade in most cases.

If it is inside, I bring a cloth tarp to put down, but I can’t guarantee that the animals will stay on top of it.  I can guarantee that there will be some excrement, so if we have it over a solid floor, that would probably be better for you.  Cats MUST be kept out of the area.  Usually a good idea for dogs also.  I need enough room for the children to sit comfortably and for me to walk around between them.  

What animals do you bring?  How many?

Please feel free to go to the Animal Ambassadors page (here) and pick out your favorites.  If you pick a lot of animals, I will do my best to bring them all.  If you only pick a few, I will add interesting animals to fill in.  The number sort of depends on the age range and interest of the birthday child.  Younger groups don’t do as well with too many.

How much does it cost?

I charge $250 for most birthday parties.  There may be an extra charge if it is in an outlying area or if the event is expected to last more than 3 hours.  I ask for $60 of that as a deposit.  I take cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, ApplePay, Facebook Pay, CashApp… pretty much any electronic payment.

What do you need to book the party?

In order to reserve a spot, I need complete name (first and last), exact address (including apartment or lot number), and the $60 deposit.

How far out can I book?

I use Google calendar, so I can book out however far you want.  Because of the preparation involved, including when the reptiles get fed, I am unable to do last minute events.  Usually I am booked about 3 weeks out, but I do need at least a week notice.  Doesn't hurt to ask!

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