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Interactive Animal Events

Birthday party?  Church or community event?  Add some exotic animals to make the celebration memorable!  

Our animal ambassadors are friendly, unique, and lovable for all ages and for any occasion.  For birthday parties, you can choose to have an age appropriate presentation so the children can find out fun and fascinating information about the other creatures that share our planet.  Afterward the children can take time interacting with the animals and just enjoying the experience.  At school programs, I can gear an educational presentation geared toward just about any subject, such as biology or geography.  The animals will be brought around to the children so that they can see them up close and touch them.  Our animals are an exciting addition to community events, where we set up a tent and have people line up to take turns holding the animals and having some great photo opportunities while a tortoise walks around and greets people.  For a list of the available animals, click here.

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