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Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

Herman was hatched at my house and has lived with me his whole life. He has picked up a lot of phrases while my children were growing up. He can count to 20 and used to tell my kids to pick their stuff up off the floor. He asks to come out when he wants out. He will fly over to me on command. He says "somersault" and will do one between my fingers. I will tickle his feet and he says, "Coochy coochy coo... I tickle you! hahaha!" He plays "dead bird" and he hangs upside down and says,. "I'm an upside down GREAT green bird?" When he learned it, the words were "Upside down CRAZY green bird," but I guess he didn't like that because he changed it. He plays "Peek-a-boo." He learned how to sing the Star Spangled Banner from my children when they were younger. I am currently working with him to get him to sing in front of people. We are making a little progress!


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