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Michelle and Barry

Burmese Pythons

These guys came in from someone who "couldn't keep them." I am not sure if one of the reasons he couldn't keep them is that they were absolutely covered with mites. It took months to get rid on top of the infestation and a year before I stopped seeing mites altogether. Even after the mites were over, the poor snakes didn't want to eat. Even now that they are 2 years old, we struggle with the eating issue, so they are much smaller than other Burmese their age. We are making progress and luckily they really seem to like attention. We are hoping someday they will be the impressive size they are supposed to be.

Burmese pythons have gotten a lot of bad press because of irresponsible people letting them go in South Florida. They have become an invasive species there and been a danger to pets and wildlife. This has also led to legislation that has already banned the keeping of many exotic animals and the transportation of those animals across state lines. Irresponsible pet owners really make things bad for all pet owners, and one of my crusades is to educate people about how awesome these animals are and how important it is to treat the animals with respect and responsibility.

Michelle and Barry
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