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Niobi came to us in 2017. She was an adult and nothing is known about her history. A lot of these guys are wild caught, so we don't know how old she is. Legless lizards have eyelids and ear holes, the same as other lizards. Unlike a snake, most of their body is tail. Snakes have mostly body and only a short tail. They are not a cuddly lizard, but they do calm down after a minute when you pick them up. They burrow and they have plates under their skin so that they seem to be covered with armor. In Greek mythology, Niobi was turned to stone for bragging. Niobium is also a metal that is used in alloy steels. That is where I got her name. There are six species of legless lizards native to the United States. They are called "glass lizards." Since they are shy and they burrow, many people have never seen them in the wild.


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